Thursday, September 4, 2008

school tech

1) I think cheating is taking any type of work if it be a famous writer or a friend and placing your name on the paper. If you take another persons paper your not actually expressing your own feeling and thoughts. If you do any copy and pasting the paper is not yours. You can look at other papers to get ideas or references but you need to write about a topic with your own words.

2) Teachers have almost always had to be entertainers because if they don't students will become board and disrupt class and or not listen. In any kind of teaching if it be in school or sports making things fun gets the attention of people and they listen more and work harder if they are having more fun.

3) Yes he should feel guilty because your reading a summery of the book written by someone who actually read the book. You need to actually read the book to fully understand it. Authors did not write a three hundred page book to be read in twenty minutes.

4) Some students can record a teachers lectures and put on a mp3 player to be used on test. Kids can also send text messages back and forth in a matter of seconds. English or some sort of news class. Will use computers in almost every class because they write many papers. Uses of digital recording and audio sounds or voice overs.

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