Monday, September 22, 2008

Role Play

My name is Jake Taylor I'm a 6'3'' 220 lbs 18 year old at Jefferson High School in Bloomington MN. I am the captain of the football team and play QB. I've been getting scholarship offers from schools such as USC, NU, and FSU. I would like to get full ride but it looks like I'll get 75%. I've been playing football ever since I can remember. I like hanging out with friends and walking onto a field of screaming fans on a Friday night.

I think it's alright for teachers to view what students are doing as long as they are in school. I understand they do this to make sure kids are staying on track. Administrators should not be allowed to look at kids facebooks or other networks because cops do that already. If something is hat bad they will be caught sooner or later by the cops or their parents. Kids have a right to some privacy. If their going on social networks they can only do this from home which id not apart of the school therefor they have no right to look.

Some sites should be blocked such as video games and movie sites because don't need to be looking at movies or playing video games. If kids are able to go on these sites they will be tempted to play video games any time they go on the computer.

Administrators should not be able to look at another students social network site. The sites are somewhat private and not meant for teachers to look at.

Monday, September 8, 2008

tools for police

In the article I read a 16 year old student had posted pictures of himself online surrounded by guns on MySpace usually a way for teens to talk to friends is now becoming evidence for police in court cases for terrorist threats and drugs. Police have saved lives like when they found 5 boys that were planning a school shooting. Civil libertarians are saying there is too much security. They also say having this kind of security is like shouting your personal information out in a pubic square. I think the police are doing the right thing by looking at pages because if people don't have anything to hide they should not worry. When civil libertarians say we don't know posting on these sites is like shouting in public I think it stupid if we cared that much we could start a petition or protest the police looking at peoples sites.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

school tech

1) I think cheating is taking any type of work if it be a famous writer or a friend and placing your name on the paper. If you take another persons paper your not actually expressing your own feeling and thoughts. If you do any copy and pasting the paper is not yours. You can look at other papers to get ideas or references but you need to write about a topic with your own words.

2) Teachers have almost always had to be entertainers because if they don't students will become board and disrupt class and or not listen. In any kind of teaching if it be in school or sports making things fun gets the attention of people and they listen more and work harder if they are having more fun.

3) Yes he should feel guilty because your reading a summery of the book written by someone who actually read the book. You need to actually read the book to fully understand it. Authors did not write a three hundred page book to be read in twenty minutes.

4) Some students can record a teachers lectures and put on a mp3 player to be used on test. Kids can also send text messages back and forth in a matter of seconds. English or some sort of news class. Will use computers in almost every class because they write many papers. Uses of digital recording and audio sounds or voice overs.